How To Select an Excellent Vascular Surgeon

If you’re living in Somerset, KY, or the surrounding area and are diagnosed with a vascular disease or related condition, you may need to find a reliable vascular specialist. Choosing a qualified and experienced vascular surgeon is essential for ensuring the best care for your individual case. Here are some tips on selecting an excellent vascular surgeon from our team at Southern Kentucky Vascular.


Research Their Credentials

When researching potential surgeons, make sure to check their credentials. Ask if they have board certification in a specialty related to vascular surgery. It's also important to verify that they are licensed in your state and have the necessary training and experience required to perform the type of procedure you need.


Study Their Style and Approach

It's also essential to learn about a surgeon’s approach before making your decision regarding a procedure. Ask questions about how they advise handling certain situations, what kind of technology they utilize in their procedures, and if they offer minimally invasive treatments when possible. Knowing these details can help you feel confident that you are selecting a doctor with the right expertise for your specific needs.


Research and Visit the Facility

Researching the facility where you will be treated is another crucial step in choosing a surgeon. Find out if they accept new patients, provide continuing education programs, and have a good track record of successful treatments. Doing this research will help ensure you receive high-quality care from a facility that meets all safety standards and regulations.


Find Someone You Trust

Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the person who will be performing your procedure — trust is key! Ask questions during consultations so the doctor is able to get to know you and understand your concerns or worries so a solid and clear baseline for clear communication is established.

Finding an excellent vascular specialist doesn't have to be difficult — just follow these tips and soon enough you'll have narrowed down your options until you find someone who fits all of the criteria! At Southern Kentucky Vascular in Somerset, our highly qualified cardiovascular specialist Dr. Don W. Brown provides state-of-the-art vascular care. Contact us today for an appointment!