Southern Kentucky Vascular Clinic Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

The Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Don W. Brown celebrated the opening of our new Southern Kentucky Vascular main clinic with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Our team and members of the chamber, the Somerset community, professional and medical friends as well as our medical colleagues joined in the festivities.

Following a Facebook live interview and walk-through of the office with Somerset Chamber's Bobbie Clue, Dr. Brown wielded the infamous ceremonial giant scissors to cut the red ribbon at 50 MedPark West Drive Suite 3. Guests joined the office for a luncheon along with tours of the new office to mark the occasion

Dr. Brown and his team at Southern Kentucky Vascular acknowledged the MedPark West developers, Mike Whitaker and Dr. Brent Cherry, the architects, Deco Architects, as well as other key team members who were in attendance.

Dr. Brown expressed his gratitude and appreciation for everyone who attended and who participated in making this day possible.

Southern Kentucky offers the region state-of-the-art vascular treatments for a wide range of vascular conditions, including: carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and aneurysms.

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